Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quick finishes this week!

So, I made this cute purse from some scraps I found in a box in the garage, and I made this potato steamer for my school cook (who also happens to keep me supplied with chocolate!) I spent about an hour on Sunday cutting out T-shirts to make a friend's daughter a T-shirt quilt. This friend also went shopping with me last week to the LQS (local quilt store) to buy batik fabric to go between the T-shirts.  It is going to look awesome!

My summer is quickly coming to a close, and I will go back to school to teach some wonderful teenagers in about 2 weeks.  The teachers go back at my school on August 11th!  Wow, it seems earlier every year.  But I get so pumped up to begin the school year EVERY year!  Remember what it was like opening the brand new box of crayons in the fall?  I get to do that at the beginning of each year.  Cool or what? 

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